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The Amazon Medical Project and the Yanamono Clinic

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Linnea Smith, the Yanamono Clinic based in Northeastern Peru in the Amazon Region has treated over 75,000 patients since its inception, most of whom are local residents and would not have had access to healthcare within a reasonable distance otherwise.

The clinic operates as a non-profit in Peru, purchasing medicines and supplies with funds provided by Amazon Medical Project, the US-based non-profit established to support the clinic. It is staffed by four “nurse technicians” working under the leadership of Dr. Smith. The clinic also receives vaccines, family planning supplies, and medicine for illnesses such as malaria, leprosy, and leishmaniasis from the Peruvian government. Other services provided include family planning, prenatal care, vaccines against a variety of illnesses, dental care, treatment of snakebites, and in recent years, treatment of adult-onset diabetes and hypertension.

The region where the clinic is located is one of the world's most remote areas, accessible only by plane or boat. 

IMG_0662 (1).HEIC

Dr. Linnea Smith outside the clinic during a Bridge toHealth site visit in February 2022.

Our goal is to enhance the diagnostic the services of the clinic and epxand the diagnostic and treatment capacities of the clinic’s local staff, while developing a sustainable structure that will continue to grow with the coming years. 

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